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Second, the frequency of the flashing hovers near 15 hertz and impairs the brain's ability to process visual information, which produces disorientation and nausea. Once the LEDI is turned off, the nausea lingers for a few minutes as the brain recovers. Law enforcement officials don't have to shine the strobe directly in the suspect's eyes. Let's see how the LEDI works. Instead of a single lightbulb with a reflector and lens, the nonlethal weapon has light-emitting diodes of various colors and a plate of tiny lenses for each diode. Batteries supply the power to the LEDI circuit board. The circuit board controls the intensity and pattern of the flashes; that is, which LED in the array turns on when, in what order and how fast. The circuit board can be programmed with different flash patterns for the LED array. For example, officers may use one mode for a stationary suspect and another for a moving person.|Would Patrick Bateman pass the psychopath test? Saddam Hussein. Henry VIII. Adolf Hitler. Just the mention of these names recalls the violent acts. Intimidation that defined what some might call their psychopathic reigns. Just the mention of these names recalls the violent acts. Intimidation that defined what some might call their psychopathic reigns. But what if we told you that scholars have also attributed psychopathic qualities to Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy? No, these oft-venerated leaders weren't murderous dictators. But the fact that they share some of the same qualities as their despicable counterparts tells us that psychopathic personality, or psychopathy, is largely misunderstood by the general public. Psychopathy is a spectrum disorder, meaning people can display some psychopathic qualities without actually being a full-on psychopath. Only those who reach a certain threshold of such qualities are considered psychopathic. Individuals with extreme cases tend to display a very specific set of characteristics, namely a lack of conscience or empathy. One thing your brain is always looking for when analyzing visual information is continuity. Imagine a stack of 12 blocks. If all of the blocks are colored red, you perceive the pile as one unit. But if the bottom six blocks are red and the top six blocks are blue, you may perceive the pile as two separate units: a stack of blue blocks on top of a stack of red blocks. And if you were to randomly mix blue blocks and red blocks together, you wouldn't group them into colored units at all. We tend to recognize something as a separate object if it has one continuous color, so a person is much more likely to stand out when wearing a single color than when wearing a jumble of colors. In the jungle, you perceive the jumble of colors in camouflage material as many small things that are component parts of the surrounding foliage. In this way, mottled camouflage helps people go undetected even though they are in plain sight. 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